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EasyPuff Accessories

EasyPuff South Africa accessories and chargers to make your electronic cigarette experience easier! Our online store supplies you with all you need to keep your electric cigarette going and protected. All EasyPuffs accessories are made from quality products.

Brand: EasyPuff Model: ESY036
EasyPuff Black Carry Case EasyPuff Black carry case Just load it for the day and pop it in your pocket or purse and you are ready to go anywhere for the day.A great way to protect, organize and care for your cigarette parts and supplies...
Brand: EasyPuff Model: 280mah
Electronic Cigarette Battery LongThe rechargeable battery (along with a cartridge) makes your e-cigarette. Our new battery technology ensures a longer lasting life of our batteries. Our new batteries are 7mm longer and are 280 mAh which means they will last longer before needing a recharge. The tip ..
Brand: EasyPuff Model: ESY031
Electronic Cigarette Battery ShortThe rechargeable battery ( along with a cartridge ) makes your e-cigarette the same length as a classic cigarette. The tip of each battery also glows red while you smoke, adding realism and authenticity. It will also flash when the battery needs recharging.Cigarette..
Brand: EasyPuff Model: ESY041
EasyPuff USB Car ChargerThis Car Adapter is a great way to charge your electric cigarette in your car or truck...
Brand: EasyPuff Model: ESY026
EasyPuff USB ChargerOur USB Charger is a very convenient way to keep your battery fully charged. Just plug it into any working USB port and you're ready to go! Keep this handy USB charger nearby at work or at home and you can charge your battery anytime...
Brand: EasyPuff Model: ESY028
EasyPuff Wall AdapterNow you can use the USB charger with or without a computer! Use the Wall Adapter with your USB charger to charge your electronic cigarette in your home, office or anywhere else you can find an outlet.Use these three easy steps:1. Plug the wall adapter into an outlet.2. Slot the ..
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